We are extremely proud to have our very own blend of coffee, simply called Ballucci Beans. It is a full-bodied espresso with a natural sweet caramel, a dark chocolate flavour and muted acidity. As a milk-based coffee, it is slightly sweet with a creamy, smooth and rich texture. We believe that the only way to serve coffee is from freshly ground beans, so we grind every espresso shot fresh, and extract the coffee within seconds.

On our coffee menu we offer Latte, Cappuccino, Flat White, Americano, Cortado, Mocha, Espresso and many more! Also, all of these coffees have a decaffeinated option. Our decaf beans are decaffeinated using the famous Swiss Water Decaffeination method. As standard, we always use a Full Fat Milk in our coffees, but we also offer Skimmed Milk, or as a non-dairy alternative, Oat, Almond, Soy and Coconut milk.


We serve only the best quality tea and have a choice of ten great flavours. Our tea is 100% rolled whole leaves with all-natural ingredients. Only the absolute best leaves are used in our teas, which allows the tea to become stronger the longer it brews, without that bitter taste. We offer English Breakfast Tea (also as a decaffeinated option), Earl Grey, Green Tea, Jasmine Green, Camomile Flower, Rooibos, Moroccan Mint, Fruit Tea, Lemon & Ginger and Chai.


Don’t like Coffee or Tea? No problem, we have more drinks on our menu! Our Hot Chocolate is the absolute best in town! We start by melting genuine Belgian Chocolate and then mix it with creamy frothed milk for an extra smooth taste. You can choose between Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate or Dark Chocolate. Why not add a flavouring to it? Mint, Caramel? Hazelnut? There are many to choose from.  We also offer an amazing Chai Latte made with real chai tea, a Matcha Latte and a Golden (Turmeric) Latte.


We make all our milk-based drinks with Full Fat Milk. For those of you watching the calories, we also offer skimmed milk in our Skinny Drinks. Prefer non-dairy milk?. We’ve got you covered. We offer 4 different milk alternatives which includes Almond Milk, Soya Milk, Oat Milk and Coconut Milk.


We have a range of speciality cold drinks and juices available. We also offer delicious freshly made smoothies and milkshakes. We can make most of our coffees and teas as an iced option as well.


We receive freshly baked bread and pastries every morning from a small local bakery and make our own sandwiches at the shop. We use either a Multiseed Bread or a Ciabatta, and offer a variety of fillings such as Chicken Mayonnaise, Tuna Melt, Coronation Chicken, Mozzarella & Tomato with Pesto, Gouda Cheese & Red Onion Chutney, BLT, Bacon Avocado, Ham & Cheese, and Egg Mayonnaise. Just check our display fridge for the available options of the day.


Our Pastries are freshly baked and delivered to us every morning. They are absolutely delicious and huge! We can only guarantee pastries in the morning, so grab ’em while you can. For those of you with a sweet tooth, we selected freshly baked cakes that just melt in your mouth with every bite. We also have a rage of traybake bars such as Brownies, Millionaires Shortbread, Flapjack (Vegan), Peanut Butter Blondies (Vegan & Gluten Free). If you fancy something a bit smaller we have Italian Sfogliatines and Cannolis on offer.