We pride ourselves in delivering outstanding customer service, an excellent product, and a relaxing ambience. Our staff are employed based on their great personalities to ensure you always have an authentic experience at Ballucci. We invest a lot of time in Customer Service and even put our staff on a customer service training course when they join the company.

Our menu might be small, but what we do, we do well. We are extremely proud that we only use our very own Ballucci branded beans. Not only do we make our coffee with it, but we also sell it for you to take home and make your own. Please see our full menu in the products section.

We welcome absolutely everyone at Ballucci. We are very child-friendly and also allow dogs at our shop. Water bowls are available for dogs, so please ask the staff. In consideration for other customers, we only allow dogs on the floor.

We aim to offer a relaxing ambience where you can take some time out from the busy world out there. Perfect for meeting up with a friend or getting some work done. High-speed internet is available to all our customers. Throughout the day, we change the light settings to always create that perfect ambience and the music is selected to suit the mood. We aim to ensure that you are comfortable and truly enjoy your time at Ballucci.

At Ballucci, we are proud to be socially responsible. As a small independent Coffee shop, this can sometimes be challenging, but we do whatever we can to help the environment.  When you buy a Take-Away, you will find that we use only paper bags, wooden stirrers and cutlery, and paper straws.

We also give you a small discount on your drink when you bring your own reusable cup. Don’t have a reusable cup? No problem, no need to settle for just any old cup. Why not get your Ballucci Eco Cup at our shop.

We sell our own branded Eco cups. Not only do they look great, but we’ll also give you your first drink in it for free, plus your discount every time you use it. We urge customers that 'stay in' to make use of your porcelain cups and glasses at the shop to avoid wasting unnecessary paper cups.

And Finally, we believe in treating everyone with respect. That includes our staff, so we operate a zero-tolerance policy for any type of abusive behaviour in our shop. Life is simply too short, so let’s all show a little kindness to one another.