At Ballucci, we are interested in you as a person and your personality. We might offer great coffee and food items, but ultimately that is not what will make an impact on our customers. People remember the way you made them feel, so because of that we employ our staff on their people skills.

You should be eager to learn and keen to work hard. We do everything in house, from cleaning, serving customers, making coffee and sandwiches. We prefer people that like to stay in a job rather than changing careers all the time.

We do have high standards and expectations when it comes to service, uniform, making coffee and keeping the shop tidy, but we also like to reward our staff.

We offer discounted drinks for you and your family when you are not on shift and also have a staff rewards scheme called Golden Tokens which we hand out to those staff members that perform well. These tokens can be exchanged for small gifts to show our appreciation.

Apart from that we offer complimentary food and drink on longer shifts, paid holiday and a pension scheme. If this sounds like the job for you, please keep an eye on which we use for recruitment. Whenever we have a position available you may search "Ballucci" on the indeed website.